Saturday, December 20, 2014

A New Year Same Great Fashion

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! 

With some inspiration we put together several outfits from items that are in the store and available on our online store right now! We go from super chic and fancy to chic & casual.

Photo Inspiration

Burberry booties - $197.99



shopnamedroppersCHANEL wedge - $399.99

Gucci Patent Leather Bootie -$286.99


Christian Dior - $286.99

Thursday, November 27, 2014

3 Sales 1 Weekend!!

 We have so much going on @ our store this weekend but, don't think we forgot about our online shoppers! and receive $25 off purchase of $100 or more. 

Use code~shopdrop (Friday and Saturday) 

For our loyal customers in the area.  

Black Friday SALE

EVERYTHING ON SALE - friday only at both stores. 

This sale only happens once a year!!!!
Gift certificate offer
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As usual we are also having our end of the month sale, 50% OFF items older than 40 days.  

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pretty & Thankful

Thanksgiving is a holiday that I personally love the most. You get to have a huge family dinner all day. It's not a fancy holiday but, I think everyone would like to look nice and feel comfortable after turkey & pie. I put together three outfits all articles found @namedroppers, that could be worn wherever you are headed this holiday. All Items are available in store & on

A.L.C sweater $68.99  A&G Courderouy pant $58.99  Gucci Heel, $286.99Danielle Ortiz purse, $98.99

A.L.C sweater $68.99  A&G Courderouy pant $58.99  Gucci Heel, $286.99Danielle Ortiz purse, $98.99

Bill Loya Coat, $236.99 Rag& Bone Jean, $98.99  Hoss Wedge, $198.99 Suarez Crocodile Purse, $2,696.99 Missoni Scarf, $58.99

Bill Loya Coat, $236.99 Rag& Bone Jean, $98.99  Hoss Wedge, $198.99 Suarez Crocodile Purse, $2,696.99 Elizabeth & James Shirt, $126.99  Missoni Scarf, $58.99

Missoni Dress, $236.99 Trouve vest, $59.99 Givenchy shoe, $367.99

Missoni Dress, $236.99 Trouve vest, $59.99 Givenchy shoe, $367.99

Thursday, November 6, 2014

VIP Shopping Event. TONIGHT!

Join us tonight!

Tonight's special offers include, check-in on Facebook at our event or #namedroppers on instagram and receive $10 OFF total purchase. Also, free gift of our signature 
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"The Drop Potion" - $18.99

VIP Shopping Offer

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Check out our online store 

Blazer 5 ways

 We loved this blazer at first sight, the second it came into our store. I've heard people say before that something this unique can only be worn once because everyone will recognize it when you wear it again. Well, I think differently. One blazer can equate to many different outfits. Here are a few very different outfit ideas for this wonderful blazer. 

Our inspiration below is a cute short set. 

Photo love
Make it casual but add a pop of color.

IRO - Blazer $367.99

Throw it over a dress, layer with a sweatshirt.

Alexander Mcqueen Purse - 1,999.99

 Have a date with your Boyfriend? Crop tops take you through the whole year.

 This outfit could be cute for any occasion, it's classy, casual yet dressy, and very fashionable. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Gold Rush

GOLD! We love gold. Winter takes color away from us...take it back with a gold bag. Metallic goes with everything and can really warm up your cool wardrobe. Check out these two inspirations.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

We've all Dreamed of Being a Ballerina

Too many heels, pumps, wedges, stillettos, etc. in your closet? Flatten it out  with these cute ballet flats. Add a couple of these to your shoe collection to run to on off days or while you are frolicking around town, also maybe not a bad idea to pack a pair in your purse for when your feet give up in your Lou Boutins. 

A few favorites,.. just a few ;)

Chanel - $299.99

CHANEL $299.99

CHLOE $146.99

GUCCI $267.99

GUCCI $110.99

GUCCI $198.99

GUCCI $167.99

CHANEL $399.99

Rag & Bone $136.99

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

Crocodile's are naturally one of the most aggressive reptiles and are super WILD, with it's skin's pebbly texture  every designer has tried their hand at it. Crocodile is hard to wear as a dress or a blazer but can easily be an incredible fashion statement piece. 

Ease into the trend with a Crocodile clutch in a bright color

Nancy Gonzales $794.00

Caran Kallan $69.99

Suarez $2,995

Classic Black
Nancy Gonzales $1,195

...Or maybe a wrap around bracelet

Monday, October 20, 2014

Support the Troops

With the spring like weather we've been having it gets us looking forward to spring already!  Arm yourself against winter with a military inspired blazer. Below is an outfit that we put together with items from our store inspired by Gucci 2015 spring line.

Gucci spring 2015 
Gucci 2015
Gucci 2015

Blazer-$236.99, Booties-$267.99

McQueen Madness, Madness over McQueen

All McQueen everything. 
We are happy to showcase some of the Alexander McQueen items we have at the store. He is a forever favorite amongst our employees. Inspired by the skulls he used on his iconic scarf it embraces the spirit of All Hallows Eve in the most Chic way... 
Inspiration as follows. 

Alexander McQueen Purse $1,999.99

Alexander McQueen purse $895.00
Alexander McQueen $136.99.
Alexander McQueen- $1,999.99

Put these on Your Feet!

McQueen purse 1,295.99

Celebrities obviously love his esthetic too. 
Photo love

Photo love

Photo Love

Photo Love

Photo Love

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